Play Care Policies

The Kroc Center provides a safe environment for your child while you participate in any activity in the facility. In order to keep our guests safe, we ask that you follow these rules when utilizing Play Care.

•Check in: please bring your membership card directly to the playcare area. The staff will check you in you with your card as you fill out the information on the signup sheet.

•First Come, First Serve: Space is limited to the first children checked in. Playcare can only have three infants under 18 months. If an infant is present, our total capacity is 6. When no infants are present, our capacity is eight children. We have a ratio of 1 staff: 8 children. An infant under 18 months is counted twice and we accept no more than 3 infants at any one time.

•Drop Off/ Pick Up: All children must be signed in and out by the same adult, over the age of 18, with a photo ID. Whoever checks the child into Playcare will be the only person who may check the child out.

•Facility Wide: Guest of any venue may utilize Playcare. Cell phone number and location are recorded on the check-in sheet in case a Playcare staff needs to reach a parent. Parents must stay on-site at all times. Please keep your phone nearby and with the volume turned on.

•Time: Maximum of one 90 min session per day.

•Parent or legal guardian must be a current, active member to receive member rates.

•Age: Our Playcare is for children between the age of 6 months to 8 years old. Children between 8-12 years will be asked to stay in the gameroom, lounge, basketball courts, or playground with a parent onsite.

•Snacks: Any type of snack is fine to bring into Playcare EXCEPT any nut products or chocolate, due to allergies and health issues.

•Drinks: Water or juice are encouraged. Please use spill-proof containers.

•Diapers & Potty Training: Children must arrive wearing a clean diaper. Potty-trained children should be taken to the restroom prior to sign-in.

•Changing Diapers: Our Playcare attendants are not permitted to change diapers. If a diaper change is required, the Playcare attendant will contact you.

•Illness: If a child has any mucus that is not clear, our attendant will ask that the child returns another day. Sick children are not admitted to Playcare to ensure other children do not catch any illnesses.

•Cleaning: The room, equipment, and toys are cleaned on a consistent schedule.

•Staff: Our Kroc Associates are background checked and child safety trained.

•Crying: If a child cries longer than 10 minutes, we reserve the right to contact parents. Parents may need to help children make transition into Playcare.

•All children are required to keep their shoes and/or socks on and no bare feet are allowed for sanitary purposes

•No photography of any type is allowed by parents or children

•Biting & Hitting: We have to provide a safe experience for all children. Therefore, we have the following progressive policy:

•    First Offense: Staff will have child take a break from activity for one-minute per age

•    Second Offense: Child will be removed from the Playcare facility, parents will be contacted immediately, and a report will be made to the parents.

•    Third Offense: The child will be removed from Playcare, a report will be made to the parents, and the child will be restricted from the Playcare for one week. The following week the child may return but if subsequent offenses occur, the child will be restricted from Playcare for an additional week.

 It is recommended that all parents and guardians please send children to Playcare with a labeled bag of diapers and wipes (if needed), something to eat and drink in spill-proof container, a change of clothes, and a comfort item.

For more information, review our facility policies, safety information, and Code of Conduct.

Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center


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